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Corrosion-Resistant Metering Manholes
with Flumes for Measuring Flow

Plasti-fab composite manholes are engineered and built to be corrosion resistant and durable. The Packaged Metering Manhole first introduced by Plasti-Fab 30 years ago provides complete flow monitoring in one clean package that is easy to install and comes factory set-up for accurate flow monitoring. Plasti-Fab flow specialists are available to review and advise on application and flow conditions.

Types of Manholes

STORM Manholes

These corrosion resistant, packaged STORM manholes are the result of feedback from the owners of Plasti-Fab’s highly successful Packaged Metering Manholes that have been in production for 25 years.

Plasti-Fab Fiberglass Packaged Metering Manholes

The Plasti-Fab Packaged Metering Manhole was an industry first and remains the most complete and easy-to-install flow measurement package on the market.

Mag Metering Manholes

The Plasti-Fab Mag Meter Manhole was durably designed for frequent and convenient use. The one-piece, monolithic construction prevents leaky joints and a full opening hinged lid and bright white gel coating offers better interior light conditions.