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Flow Data Software

Collecting accurate flow data is only beneficial if you’re able to use it to do your job better. Intelligent data analysis leads to smart decisions, and smart decisions lead to excellent results. That’s where Hach Flow’s data management software products come into play. Included with the purchase of your metering system, these tools allow you to utilize your captured flow data effectively. From monitoring the real-time status of your flow, to building high-quality data charts and graphs for presentations, Hach Flow software places the power of smart data analysis literally at your fingertips.

FSDATA® Online Data Manager

Designed to harness the power of the Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger’s wireless technology, FSDATA gives you instant command of your data — from anywhere you have access to the internet. This is data analysis in the 21st century.

FSDATA® Desktop Instrument Manager

Hach’s FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager is a highly-intuitive software designed to quickly perform all field-focused programming and troubleshooting activities for the Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger.

FLO-WARE® Data Management Software

For use with the Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger or the FLO-STATION Flow Monitor, providing efficient flow data management and instrument communication.

InSight® Data Management Software

Interface effectively with your Sigma 950 Flow Meter and skillfully organize and present the collected data. hach-logo