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Fiberglass and Composite Head Gauges

Plasti-Fab has made FIBERGLASS HEAD GAUGES for use in open channel flumes for over 20 years. Due to market demand, we now offer this same durable construction in all sizes of custom level fiberglass gauges.

Large and Small Fiberglass Gauges

Large fiberglass gauges are designed for viewing from a distance and are used for checking tide levels, river states, and tank levels. Small gauges for flow metering are designed for use in flumes and weirs, or where level change is minimal and access is readily available. They may have a center line which divides a 6″ wide gauge into two separate increments, e.g. feet and CFS, 1/10 or 1/100 feet, inches and GPM, meters and liters per second or any other desired combinations.

Fiberglass Gauges Features:

Numerals are printed in various sizes as may be required for the application. Typically 1/2″ to 3/4″ high numerals are used in small gauges. Six inch high-visibility numerals are used on gauges in bays, rivers, navigation locks and on elevated tanks. These gauges are graduated in feet, tenths, meters and decimeters or anything the customer desires. Fiberglass Gauges can and are made any reasonable length. Most gauges are made 6 feet long or less for easy shipment via UPS. FRP gauges do not crack or spall when damaged by river traffic or if damaged by gunshot or other vandalism. Fiberglass gauges are easily mounted to any flat surface using stainless steel screws or stainless steel anchor bolts. Gauges are available in slide frames which are mounted to permit easy removal of gauges for cleaning.