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Flow Sensors

Like superheroes, every one of our wastewater flow monitoring sensors has its own specialties and strengths. From powerful non-contact sensors that stay above the flow to limit fouling, to rugged submerged AV sensors that don’t mind getting a little dirty, within our portfolio you’re sure to find the perfect sensor to handle your particular flow monitoring villain.

Area / Velocity Sensors

FLO-DAR® AV Sensor

As an industry pioneer in non-contact monitoring, you simply can’t touch the FLO-DAR when it comes to proven success. Our most powerful sensor uses Digital Doppler Radar technology to measure velocity and ultrasonic pulse echo to measure level.

FLO-TOTE® 3 AV Sensor

This electromagnetic AV sensor measures flow velocity and level with an extremely high-level of accuracy.

Sigma Submerged AV Sensor

Our tried-and-true submerged AV sensor is a robust, 1 MHz Doppler-frequency flow sensor with pressure transducer with advanced technologies to ensure accuracy.

Sigma Submerged AV Sensor with Bubbler

Combining a bubbler for level and Doppler technology for velocity, this is a favorite sensor among storm water professionals.

Sigma Low Profile Velocity Sensor

Ideal for capturing flow velocity data in challenging high-velocity and shallow-depth sites.

Level Sensors

Hach US9000 Ultrasonic Sensors

Down-looking (standard or with ballast kit) and in-pipe sensors available for excellent non-contact flow monitoring solutions. Great for level measurement and alarming or as redundant level measurement with an area/velocity sensor.

Sigma Ultrasonic Sensors

Outstanding non-contact level-measurement solutions to be used with the Sigma 950 Flow Meter.

Sigma Bubbler Level Sensor

Uses a simple tube from the meter to measure flow level in extremely difficult flow sites.

Sigma Pressure Level Sensor

This level device is submerged in the flow and requires very low power which extends battery life.

Hach sc200™ Flow Sensor

Highly-effective, low-cost ultrasonic level-sensing option for use with the Hach sc200 Universal Controller.